Below is detailed all the different styles of classes we offer. Parents are welcome to view the classes of the younger children when they commence their lessons, but it is asked that parents respect the domain of the instructor and their child's flourishing independence. 

The HVDC is proudly a member and certified with the AcrobaticArts and Alixa Flexibility program.

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All our Ballet classes across the weekdays follow the Comdance Classical Progression Syllabus with variation exercises made by the teacher. Our open Saturday Ballet class does not follow a graded syllabus and is a great additional class. These classes are suited to all students wanting to learn ballet, it is also suited for those who may want to sit exams. These classes cater for Beginners through to Grade 6. 


Character Dance is a form of European Theatrical Folk Dance which is incorporated into some of the ballet classes










In this class students learn a blend of Jazz throughout the year. They develop skills across turns, kicks, jumps and choreography in both Jazz Funk and Broadway Style. As students’ progress through the levels the development of different skills continues and begin moving in a faster pace as they develop. The students learn dances to perform both styles of Jazz at their end of year show.


In this class students learn a blend of Jazz throughout the year. They develop skills across turns, kicks, jumps and choreography in both Jazz Funk and Broadway Style. This class uses the Comdance Modern Jazz syllabus as a base with variations from the teacher. Students’ progress through the levels and develop new skills.


These classes develop strength, technique and artistic expression, whilst extending the students range of movement. We focus on the release technique of Contemporary dance with added elements of the Comdance Contemporary Syllabus.  Students will learn floor work, standing work and progressions of jumps. In these classes, throughout the year the students will work on many different creative tasks and activities to assist them in building their creativity whilst also working with others.

Acro Dance

This class is dedicated to the Acrobatic Arts syllabus. Acro Dance is a style of dance that uses classical dance techniques with acrobatic elements. Its purpose is to seamlessly mix skills with dance. This class is suited for students who want to learn more skills and for those who may want to sit exams.


This class has a mix of Jazz, Acro Dance and Contemporary elements.

This class is only for the Beginner/Pre-Junior level which aims to give the younger students a chance to learn the fundamental skills across these styles to smoothen the progression to Juniors where these styles split into separate classes. We aim to create an environment where students actively learn but are also encouraged to be creative and have fun.

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Themed dance classes for young children and their carers. The students will explore emotions, ideas and themes through dance based on a storybook, accompanied by props and music. Each story will be over a 3–4 week period and is based on magical moments from Fairy tales, magical musicals and TV animation. Dance skills will be introduced throughout this using Jazz and Ballet. Carers will have the opportunity to join in with their child.