Below is detailed all the different styles of classes we offer. Parents are welcome to view the classes of the younger children when they commence their lessons, but it is asked that parents respect the domain of the instructor and their child's flourishing independence. Open days are held at the end of each term for all other classes.


A carefully structured method of dance which develops a deep understanding of posture, placement and dance movement. It is a theatrical art enabling deep creative expression. The Cecchetti method is taught by the HVDC and should children wish to take examinations or assessments , they may do so every alternate year in Maitland or annually in Sydney. Students are also able to take part in special classes throughout the year and may be eligible to compete in state, national and international competitions.


Character Dance is a form of European Theatrical Folk Dance which is incorporated into some of the ballet classes











 A Jazz class using a fusion of American style Jazz and Musical Theatre Dance. In this class students work on turns, kicks and jumps while working on their technique in a fun environment. 


A fast and fun Jazz class with the latest moves for all ages. This class is a fusion of Jazz and hip hop. 



These classes develop strength, technique and artistic expression, whilst extending the students range of movement.


ADULT BALLET will be held on Tuesday evenings 6.15 - 7.30. The level will be determined by the participants.

DANCE AND MOVEMENT FOR OVER 55 is a new class and will be held on Tuesdays mornings 11.15 - 12.15. It is designed for health and well being, incorporating the grace of Ballet, the fun of Broadway Jazz and gentle seated stretching.


Dance classes for young children from three years to Kinder will enjoy moving and dancing to a range of musical genres. From the "Wiggles" to "Tchaikovsky", they are introduced to the basics of Jazz, Classical Ballet, Contemporary  and Character, enabling them to give rein to wide imaginative experiences. Simple props add to their pleasure.  Parents remain. There is a midweek class on Tuesday 10.30 - 11.15.

Pre primary Ballet on Saturday10.15 -11.00 is a creative approach to the foundations of ballet.

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