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Suitable for a variety of age groups. They will be held throughout the year in different locations or by arrangement with your group or organisation. They may suit the general public, home school organisations, preschools, playgroups, schools, libraries or art galleries. In most courses , no special clothes or equipment are required, except comfortable clothes such as stretch pants and tops.

The courses are designed with specific parameters and themes and can incorporate creative movement, contemporary dance, jazz, classical ballet, choreography, posture, fitness and body conditioning. All courses are accompanied by recorded music.


Some examples of courses for high school participants are:

 “An introduction to Shakespeare through Music and Dance” which explores some of the Elizabethan music and dances of the period, together with music and dance composed for ballets based on the Shakespeare plays, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Romeo and Juliet”.


“Body Awareness and Function”: This is a fitness/dance  programme targeting the muscle groups throughout the body. It is aimed at increasing mobility and muscle strength whilst gaining an understanding of the actions of the muscles and their connection to posture and health. 


“Dance For Sport”: This is an alternative to sport, but is a carefully structured dance class, including warm up, dance technique, cardio dance, stretch and cool down. Your choice of Classical ballet or Contemporary Dance pitched at the participating group.


For the younger participants : 

“The Magic of Ballet - Swans, Magicians and Princesses”: This is an exploration of the most famous of ballets, “Swan Lake”. Incorporating simple props, dance  and ballet movement, it gives the students a taste of the timeless classic.


“The Magic of Ballet - Soldiers, Rats, Snowflakes  and Christmas”: This is another of Tchaikovsky’s classical ballet scores. “The Nutcracker” is brought to life by enabling the students to respond to themes, ideas and music through dance.


“Dancing with words and numbers”: A dance class with no specific genre that is aimed at developing an understanding of rhythm, shapes and patterns using a variety of themes, such as “Underwater”, “Jungle”, “In The Garden” and “Down the Street”.


 The courses can be adapted to suit a broad range of participants and to tie in with school syllabi. Age range is from 3 years up to adult.


Contact Suzanne Pettit for further discussion.

0407 108 898 or email